Women's Community

* We are a Safe Place for all Women and Woman identifying Members.

Email: info@lunacommunity.org

When you join LUNA, you are helping women in our community thrive,



There is different ways you can get involved :


Become a member.

When you become a member you have access to free monthly workshops/open mentoring hours, group coaching and employment opportunities.

We will provide you with all the connections you need to thrive and reach your goals.

Part of the membership fee will be used to sponsor other women that don't have access to some services due to financial limitations.


With the paying membership you will get :


- Access to employment opportunities.


- Access to our members area, where you can directly connect with other members. 


- Access to free monthly workshops/group mentoring hours.

-Opportunity to be connected with coaches, mentors or counselors in our community. 


- Free access to our monthly events.










 Business Support.

 Businesses are the foundation in our community, they support members providing them with employment opportunities   ( we will publish employment posts in our forum), participating in our monthly events , offering special discounts, and promotions for products or services.

In return for your service, we will:


- Advertise your business in our directory, forum, monthly newsletter and Social Media


- Give you free access to our monthly events.


- Give you the opportunity to be a Spotlight in our blog.

Are you a business owner and want to support our community?








Be part of our community Resources.

In our Resources page we direct women to non-profits organizations, different blogs or articles, mentorships or coaching opportunities, we even connect them with local artists, with the purpose of inspiring, empowering and validate them.


If you are interested in being part of our amazing team of people who are working towards supporting women, Contact us!