Women's Community

* We are a Safe Place for all Women and Woman identifying Members.

Email: info@lunacommunity.org

LUNA is a women's community that strives to support and empower women.

We know how hard it is to find the right resources, the support we need in our journey, this is where we come in the play, we connect women to mentors, coaches, counselors, health professionals, businesses, etc...to provide the help they need and empower them to live their best lives. We are a support network, we are constantly reaching out and connecting with businesses, agencies and people in our community with the goal in mind of supporting more and more women in their journey.

When you become a member you have access to free monthly workshops/open mentoring hours, group coaching and employment opportunities.

We will provide you with all the connections you need to thrive and reach your goals.

Part of the membership fee will be used to sponsor other women that don't have access to some services due to financial limitations.

Thank you for your support.