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* We are a Safe Place for all Women and Woman identifying Members.

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Throughout life one will come across many faces, each bringing something new to the life we live. We get the honor of meeting people who will change our lives forever. We will see some who change us for good, others the good change will only be brought to light after the storm diminishes. Each word spoken to us, every tiny glance of our eyes, movement of our hands, brings us closer to the happiness that we all strive for. This happiness is not just the calm, it is the strength, it is the moon rising and pulling the tides, changing the world every day, if only noticeable for a few moments.


Change is something that is constant. Everything and everyone must change and go through change to grow. Butterflies do it, flowers do it, and we must do it. A metamorphosis doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Whilst changing, the butterflies don’t know what will happen to them as they shed their skin. Something so terrifying, so hard and painful might just bring the beauty of the world, and beauty with in, to light. Most people however can not do this alone. Such a journey, adventure, needs to be walked on with others in your life. Hands to hold you up, arms to carry you through, even just a smile can do more wonders than we will ever know.


It is empowering really, when one looks back upon their life. So many obstacles, experiences, and people that you have overcome. Every happy moment, every laugh and every tear, you made it through.  You are more resilient that you think. Even if one can’t see this fact of beautiful strength, just think about every connection one person makes in their life time. The moments when one holds a door open for a stranger, comments on that pretty outfit, sings on their walk home, each of these causes a ripple effect, pulling at the world just slightly, demanding the title of pure importance.


This effect can also be turned around, causing something far less happy. This somber truth is why surrounding one’s self with a community that will help them up towards the stars, is such an important thing. Community is seeing those who have come before and learning from their experiences. Community is then helping those who come after you. And as time passes and the tide spreads, one will hopefully see the world changing into something more beautiful and closer to happiness.

Finding this community however, might be a challenging endeavor . Because of this, places like LUNA are born in the hopes of making the journey easier and to show that you are never alone.

By Sadie Bernard


Just five fingers full

Of first dandelion

Picked each new spring


You grow

On your way to you

From me, you see


Inside where most

Of us forgot


I caught, though, one

Wish of thousands

Breathed through your

Wind in dandelions


With twenty new breaths,

I’ve given to you

My dandelions.


As each new spring becomes the fall

I still see inside

The child of five fingers full.


I will not forget

That you have caught,

Though thousands bloom,


The part of me

-from you,

Our dandelions.

By Linda Redmon.